Choppy waters abound, forests are waning, but we have the fire to transform, and dance our dreams to the wind

Iszabel offers every-body the opportunity to connect more deeply; with the Earth, each other and ourselves

Through sound and ceremony, conscious movement and every-day action, we can experience healing, joy, freedom and empowerment 

It’s not a definitive fix for all

And this journey can only be taken one step at a time

But the hope is that by coming together, we can all wake up and rise…


The practices and medicines offered here present a more aware way of living, a chance to de-plug from the industrial matrix and embrace the magic and mayhem of our world


Sound Healing

Tonal and rhythmic instruments encourage mindfulness, self-awareness, healing and stress relief. Deeply relaxing and energising, specific playing techniques enable an altered state of consciousness and improve health and wellbeing 


Conscious Dance

As a moving meditation, dancing helps us to let go of our thoughts and get into our bodies, creating healing on a physical and emotional level, fostering a sense of freedom, strengthening community and stimulating creative, positive expression


Cacao Ceremony

Revered and used for millennia for its healing properties, now classed as a superfood, cacao is raw chocolate and so much more. We come together in ceremony, sharing what’s in our hearts and listening to those of others


Earth Medicine

Simple every day actions you can integrate into your life inexpensively and sustainably to improve your health, your home and lessen the effects on the Earth; from homemade beauty and household products to recipes and rituals