Chocolate is Medicine

Cacao Heals Our Heart

A cacao ceremony creates the space for transformation and opens us up to love

Each session is tailored to the group and occasion. Meditation, Sound Healing and Dance are either a dedicated part of the offering or intuitively weaved into the ceremony

For public gatherings, please check the events. If you’d like to book a private session, please email me

What is cacao?

It’s a plant medicine, the purest form of raw chocolate, revered and used for millennia for its healing properties, now classed as a ‘superfood’

Cacao is the Mayan name for the bean; the seed of the fruit from the Theobroma Cacao tree, which is native to the Amazon basin

In ancient Greek, ‘theo’ translates as God, and ‘broma’ as food, so it’s literally ‘food of the Gods’

What does it do? The science bit…

There’s a whole lot of goodness in cacao – worthy of a research paper, of which there are many. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine and anadamide help reduce stress, anxiety and the perception of pain, regulate mood and appetite, keep you alert and focused, and produce feelings of excitement, euphoria, bliss and joy 

  • The antioxidants in cacao counteract the damaging effects of oxidation in the cells, helping to prevent the development of chronic disease, as well as reducing blood pressure and the build up of fatty deposits on the artery walls

  • Studies show a 30-40% increase of blood flowing to the brain, which helps productivity, clarity and decision-making. Oxygenation of the body increases by more than 80%, which will make your skin smooth and glowing  

  • The high source of magnesium is used in the brain’s key functions, including memory, and helps the body’s muscles relax, essential for the effectiveness of the heart. Cacao also has one of the highest concentrations of iron, sulphur and available calcium of any food

  • The Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors serve as effective anti-depressants. Cacao detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and it’s an aphrodisiac

  • And, after all that buzz, it’ll even help you sleep better


What does it do? The spiritual bit…

As well as making your heart beat stronger and faster, Cacao is also a spiritual heart opener. It allows you to drop down from a place of mind-self centeredness to body-heart consciousness. You’ll likely become less judgemental, more compassionate, empathetic and loving, and you’ll be able to connect more deeply, authentically and intimately with yourself and others

Cacao can often bring, both pleasurable and painful, messages to the surface about your inner reality. The identification of limiting behaviours or beliefs, thoughts or feelings, and the insights, inspiration and creative ideas that emerge will help you to move forward in life with renewed vigour and purpose 

Cacao helps you to feel, and may result in an emotional release, whether laughter or tears. It’s all welcome, and creates space for the new to unfold

The egoic mind chatter calms, allowing you to connect with your true nature. You’re likely to experience a deep sense of joy and peace as you tap in to something bigger; God, the Universe, your higher self, whatever you want to call it; feeling at one with all that is

 Cacao ceremony


What is ceremony?

It’s a chance to give yourself time to stop, tune in, speak what’s true and set intentions for how you want to move forward

What format does a cacao ceremony take?

We sit in circle and connect with each other and the spirit of cacao. We drink together, sharing what’s in our hearts and listening to those of others. Meditation, Sound Healing and Dance may or may not form part of the ceremony

What do I need to do before and after?

Avoid alcohol the night before and caffeine on the day. A simple, plant-based diet is recommended for at least 24 hours in advance and it’s best to avoid all food 2-3 hours before ceremony

Schedule some downtime afterwards, something quiet and nourishing just for you

Are there any precautions to take?

It is best to take a small amount of cacao if you are on high doses of anti-depressants or are pregnant. If in doubt, check with your doctor

If you are undergoing treatment for a serious illness like cancer, have a heart condition or very low blood pressure; please check with your doctor before ceremony



Where is the cacao sourced?

The cacao comes direct from indigenous famers in Guatemala and is turned from bean to paste by my Mayan friends, Izaias and Izabel and their extended family

As a teenager, Izaias was called to work with cacao through his dreams. He was trained by the shamans of his land. He holds his own ceremonies with his wife, Izabel in San Marcos, Lake Atitlán

All the cacao is raw, organic, non-GMO, fairtrade, solar dried and ceremonial grade