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Hi I’m Iszabel

I’m a cosmic dancer, music maker, lover of life and the Earth. I’m an empowered, embodied warrior and I keep doing the work to heal trauma and a broken heart

Growing up with parents of the ‘60s, I thought going off to be quiet every day was normal and started meditating at an early age. Like all good teenagers, I rebelled, eschewing spirituality for a different kind of worship – travelling down the motorway at weekends, holding a spot in the club, usually by the speaker and emerging the next morning happy, fulfilled and totally danced-out

Not knowing what to do with a degree in Modern & Medieval History, I looked inward and asked my heart. A career in the music industry followed. I got an unpaid job at an artist management company, promoted Drum n Bass and Hip Hop nights in Brixton and spent 10 years at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra producing studio programmes and documentaries

I started dancing consciously about 8 years ago. Desperate to fill the gap left by my clubbing days and eager to reconnect with my roots and explore a more awake and aware way of being, I stepped into a conscious dance space and immediately felt at home. I never had any aspirations to be a DJ but the joy, healing, transformation, connection, and all the other benefits I experienced on the dance floor, compelled me to share the practice. As synchronicity would have it, I was asked to hold a session at a festival in France and I’ve been facilitating around the world ever since

Playing ancient and spiritually revered instruments felt like the natural progression and I love weaving them into my sets as well as giving them the space they deserve. The cacao spirit visited me in a drum journey after one of my sessions and told me she wanted to dance. How could I refuse?! She taught me how to prepare the brew for ceremony and I gained further knowledge from the Mayan family I buy from in Guatemala. I’m in awe of cacao’s loving, gentle spirit and her heart opening grace

I’ve trained at The School of Movement Medicine with Ya-Acov and Susannah Darling Khan and at The British Academy of Sound Therapy with Lyz Cooper. A humble bow to my teachers and all that life brings

I hope to meet you soon

With love & gratitude xx